Spirit 2011 was one of the best memories I had in my four year of IIT BHU. We tested our strengths at all levels as an individual and as a teamwork while pulling the event to be a recognized by all the stakeholders. Nonetheless we had our own share of learning which I would cherish throughout my life. I wish all the best to the entire team of Spirit and may you guys push all the odds to make the event even more grandeur than ever before.


Organising Spirit’12 was amazing experience, we had lots of work and being a convenor, I had to coordinate with all team and keep track of timelines as well. It was one hell of a job but no B-school can match the amount of the learning I had in organising it. Personally, for me, those 6 months of event planning and execution are still best days of my life. To my fellow juniors, do experiments, take risk, try new things, think big and do why you love to do and most importantly enjoy it to the fullest. Best of luck for the event!!


I was fortunate enough to be the Convener of Spirit'14 "An all India pharma student's conclave and a National Seminar" when entire batch came forward to manage such a large event under the mentorship of Organising Secretary Prof. Sushant Srivastava, Head of dept Prof B Mishra and Treasurer Senthil Raja and SK Mishra sir. It has been a great experience where I met many intelligent and sharp colleagues, experienced veterans of pharmacy across the country.
It gave me confidence with respect to coordination with a larger audience, decision making and successful execution which is still helping me in my professional career.
Wishing all the best for successful Spirit'20


One of our Professors once told me something that stuck with me. He said "Ankit, a college event is like an Indian wedding. At the end of the day, it's the reputation of the family that's at stake."
I think this encapsulates my thoughts on the fest. Whatever happens will reflect on what the world thinks about our family of IITBHU. So, with that i wish best of luck to organizing team. I know you will make us all proud.


The opportunity to organize Spirit’17 was one of the most amazing opportunity that came my way. Being the convenor of such a prestigious fest was no cakewalk, we had put a lot of effort in planning and executing the events, but watching all the events and talks being held so successfully made it feel worth the effort. The time that I gave in planning Spirit’17 was among the most amazing times of my college life and it gave some unforgettable moments. My best wishes for the Spirit’20 team, I’m sure your guys are going to make this fest a grand success.


Spirit’18 - Innovation is tradition, was an event that I’ll cherish forever. Being given the responsibility of convening an event with the name as big was not an easy task and believe me there were many issues along the way but with the rocking team I had, all of it was very enjoyable. My fellow yearites, precious juniors and beloved professors all pitched in to make sure it was a memorable experience.
To the Spirit’20 team, I know being worked with most of you, that you’ll make it greater than ever but along while make sure to enjoy it because these are one of those times which you’ll take with you from college and cherish them forever. Jai Pharma!


When I was given the opportunity to convene Spirit’19, I had no idea what a rollercoaster ride it was going to be. During those 6 months, we worked day and night to plan things out and execute them. Many challenges came our way but we managed to overcome all of them to make the fest a huge success. This responsibility taught me a lot of lessons and also gave me many memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life. I have personally worked with the juniors who are going to organize the fest this year and I have full faith in you guys that this time, Spirit’20 is going to be a really successful event.